Ignyte Representative - Business Opportunities

Being a Representative for Ignyte Cosmetics involves more than meets the eye!

Here are just 'some' of the benefits of joining our family and becoming an Ignyte Representative...

  • Take control of your life

  • Be your own boss

  • Earn income and get those things you have dreamed of

  • Work flexible hours around kids, partners & life

  • Receive discounts on gorgeous & fun products

  • Spend more quality time with family & friends

  • Receive team support

  • Become a leader

  • Benefit from ongoing training

  • Receive rewards & recognition

  • Be a part of a community & develop new friendships

Our business opportunities scale will provide the ability to grow and enjoy the many benefits along the way!

Provided below is a brief breakdown of the various levels and the benefits associated with each level.

To become a VIP ‘Very Important Person’ with Ignyte Cosmetics, you will simply need to attend an Ignyte Party with an Ignyte Representative either in person or a virtual (online) party then meet the minimum initial order value of $200 of product purchases.  This will then give you the title of an Ignyte VIP and you will receive an ongoing discount of 20% on all future purchases.

A Representative is someone who is looking to create an innovative business opportunity.  Being a Representative involves product and business training and includes a 30% discount on purchases while also providing the opportunity to conduct parties to build your business.

Senior Representative
Taking business opportunities to the next level, a Senior Representative is someone who has recruited at least 3 active Representatives.  As a reward for building a team you will be entitled to a bonus of a downline commission of 8% on the wholesale value on orders from your Representatives. 
Also upon reaching this level you will then be granted access to your own affiliate program portal, where you can keep up to date with your team and your own business management.

Achieving Manager status is an outstanding accomplishment and is therefore rewarded, opening up the opportunity of personal & financial growth by now accessing 3 levels of downline commissions being 8% on your first downline, 6% on your second downline and 2% on your  third downline.  At this level you are now well and truly on the road to making your dreams come true.

Senior Manager, Executive, Senior Executive, Director, Senior Director
From a Senior Manager position onwards, you will be entitled to further opportunities to grow your business with many more incentives and rewards along the way.  You will reap the benefits that come with reaching these exclusive levels.  Here you are considered as one of the highest tiers in Ignyte Cosmetics – your status recognized from your accomplishments on a personal and financial level. 

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