Chrome Pygment - Fuschia Bang

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Ignyte Pygment is a cosmetic grade Pigment for nails! 

The shade Fuschia Bang is a metallic finish throwing off shades of fuschia, magenta, gold and golden bronze.  Super easy to apply and stunning effect!


  1. Apply your Glass - Base & Top Gel polish & cure for 10 seconds
  2. Apply Chrome Pygment by using your Blaze Brush and dab gently onto the nail.  Cover the entire surface then tap the excess off the nail then cure for 45 seconds.
  3. Dust off excess chrome.
  4. Apply a coat of the Glass - Base & Top Gel and cure for 45 seconds. ***Remember to clean your polish brush on a Wipe'it pad to clean off excess pygment on the brush before returning the brush to the bottle***
  5. Don't forget to massage some luxurious cuticle into all the surrounding skin around your nails!

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