Extend'it Tips - Blush (100 Count)- Extension System Kit

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This kit includes the bare basics you need to ensure a system that we have tried and tested to get the best results for longer wear and easy application.

  • Extend'it Tips - Blush (100 Count)
  • Build'it Gel
  • Gem'it Gel
  • Ember Brush
  • Cleanse'it
  • Wipe'it
  • Soften'it
  • Push'it
  • Shape'it
  • Cure'it
  • FREE mini file
  • FREE mini buffer
  • FREE tip clippers

Our Extend'it System has been created to make it super easy and super effective to add instant length to your nails!  You can also maintain your nails with our Overlay System so you can keep them as long as you want!

Application Instructions...

    1. Prepare the natural nail (follow our YouTube tutorials for correct preparation steps to push back the cuticles and remove the non-living tissue from the nail plate).  This is a very important step to ensure your nails last and also look great when applying Nail Polish, Gel Polish or any overlay or extension system.  Push back the cuticles and then apply Soften'it.  Allow 5 minutes for this product to take effect then using the small scoop end remove any non-living tissue from the nail plate.  Cleanse off the remaining residue with Cleanse'it and a Wipe'it pad
    2. File and shape the nail using our Shape'it file to round the natural nail and remove corners
    3. Gently buff over the entire nail using the 240 Grit side (patterned) of the Shape'it File or our mini buffer.
    4. Cleanse'it with a Wipe'it pad
    5. Size your tip to ensure it meets the sides of your nails without applying pressure to squash it down.  It should meet from side to side without pushing it down (this is very important)
    6. Using your Shape'it File or mini buffer file the cuticle area of the tip to thin it out a little so that it blends nicer at the seam between the tip and the natural nail 
    7. Give the underside of the tip a quick buff to etch it
    8. Cleanse'it and a folded Wipe'it pad rub it on the underside of the tip area that will make contact with the natural nail.  
    9. Apply a coat of Build'it Gel to the entire nail and cure for 45 seconds
    10. Position your Cure'it Lamp in a way that you can access the light while holding your tip onto your nail for a 15 second freeze cure.  Apply Gem'it Gel with your Ember Brush to the natural nail.  
    11. Press the tip down onto the natural nail from the cuticle area to the free edge (end of your nail) gently pressing the bubbles and gel down as you go
    12. Hold the tip in this position and slide your nail under the Cure'it lamp to freeze cure while holding it in position
    13. Once the tip is semi cured (held in position) then cure for a full 45 seconds.  Repeat this process one tip at a time.
    14. Cut the excess length using tip clippers but be careful to cut one side then the other to eliminate risk of splitting, stressing or cracking your tip.
    15. Using your mini file - shape your sidewalls then free edge of your nail.
    16. Buff the entire nail surface with your Shape'it File or mini buffer, make sure you buff around the cuticle and sidewalls to smooth down any seams from the tip or any Gem'it Gel that may have squeezed out.  
    17. Cleanse'it with a Wipe'it pad and you are ready for polish application!


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