Pygment - Titan

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Ignyte Pygment is a cosmetic grade Pigment for nails! 

The shade 'Titan' is a platinum/silver color that has a metallic sheen to the finish.  Super easy to apply and stunning effect!


  1. Apply your Glass - Base & Top Gel polish & cure for 10 seconds
  2. Apply Pygment by using your finger to dab gently onto the nail.  Cover the entire surface then tap the excess off the nail.
  3. Apply a coat of the Glass - Base & Top Gel and cure for 45 seconds. ***Remember to clean your polish brush on a Wipe'it pad to clean off excess pygment on the brush before returning the brush to the bottle***
  4. Don't forget to massage some luxurious cuticle into all the surrounding skin around your nails!

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